Day 12

You’ve probably already realized this – but lunges take a great amount of balance, stability, and control!   Even on days when balance is not our main focus – we’re still always working it.  But today – balance IS our focus.

Just like last week on balance day, we’re going back to SINGLE LEG lunges.  I don’t want to throw you off too much, lol!  So all 8 reps are on the 1 leg – but instead of tapping in like we do on Tuesdays, today we are doing a KNEE LIFT at the top of the lunges.

Use the power of the BOOTY from your supporting leg.  Really squeeze your glutes as you come into the balance.  Think TALL – tighten your core.  Find a focal point to look at – a dot on the floor, a picture on the wall – something that isn’t moving.  And take your time in these lunges.  Today is about balance and control!  Don’t rush.  Feel the wobble – and know that it’s making you stronger.  You are doing so awesome!!  Let’s go …

Today’s workout:

Balance side lunges with a knee lift – 8 reps each leg

Balance reverse lunges with a knee lift – 8 reps each leg

Repeat all 1-3 times

Are you finding your balance is better on 1 leg over the other?  It’s pretty common if you are!  Which side is your better balance on?