Day TWENTY – AMRAP Challenge

YEAY!!  AMRAP day – and this is our craziest one yet 🙂

You know all these moves by now.  We’ve been working on our form and building up to this.  Today – we CRUSH IT!!

Choose your level from the time options below.  Set your timer, and count how many times you get through the following workout.  Then repeat 1-3 times.  Can you get faster?

Channel your inner badass athlete – You CAN do this!!  So you WILL do this – because you MUST.


~ 5 Squats

~ 5 Basic Burpees

~ 5 Push ups

~ 5 Squat jumps (or reaches)

~ 5 Push up Burpee

~ 10 second Plank

~ 5 Full burpees

Choose Your Level:

10, 15 or 20 mins

1-3 rounds

Post your sweatie selfie when you’re done and let us know how it goes 😉  This is going to be EPIC!!!