Happy Week TWO!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and rest day – and now it’s time to get back to the BURPEE part-ay!!

Last week we focused on breaking down the burpee to its different components, and then working with a basic burpee.   This week we’re going to start adding in a PUSH UP at the bottom.

You still have the same modification options – you can jump or step through the burpee – or you can even elevate your hands.  Lots of options so anyone can be successful here.

We’ve even got options for the push up.  You can do a full push up from your toes, or you can modify and drop to your knees.

So to do our burpee push up, here’s the flow:

~ Squat reaching to the ground (or chair)

~ Jump or step to plank

~ Push up (either dropping to your knees or staying on your toes)

~ Step or jump forward into a squat

~ Stand back up and repeat


~ Basic Burpee

~ Push up Burpee

Choose Your Level:

5, 8, or 10 reps each

1-2 rounds

TIME and TRACK yourself!  Watch for progressions each week.  Clearly see yourself getting faster and stronger in your burpees.  Use this as motivation to keep going.  Do this for you – for your health.  Be proud of your progress 🙂

Comment below with an emoji about how excited you are on your progress 🙂