Yesterday we talked about feeling stronger after a rest day – and today we’re going to prove that theory correct.  It’s POWER day!!  Time to BRING IT!!

Your workout today is squat jumps.  My tip today is to really use your feet.  We talked on squat day about pressing through your heels and lifting your toes.  I want you to still feel that through the squat here today as well – but then when you come up and go into the jump, I want you to feel going through your feet to power up.

Feel your feet press into the floor – from your heel to your toes – use your toes to power you up!!  Then as you land, come back down – toe ball heel.  Transfer the weight back to your heel as you squat down again.

Play around with it.  I always find I can jump higher and with more power and push through my feet.

All that said – as always we have modifications 😉  You are more than welcome to stick to the squat & reach as we talked about last week in power day.  Crush it – own it.  Even if you’re staying low impact, you can still move with power – purpose – and intensity!  You’ve got this!


~ Squat jumps (or reach)

~ Push up burpee

Choose Your Level:

15, 20 or 25 reps ea

1-3 rounds

POWER.  PURPOSE.  INTENSITY!  Did you bring it today?  Comment below when you’re done …