Rest day was yesterday – because I knew what was coming today.  It’s POWER DAY!

As we progress through this 21 day challenge, I am going to be bringing in the FULL burpee – which includes the jump up top.  (No worries if you’re staying low impact.  I’ve got modifications, as always!)  We’ve got to start getting ready for it, and that’s what today is all about.

The SQUAT JUMP.  Ohhhhh this is going to be FUN!

Start standing with your feet about shoulder width apart – a little wider is ok.

Bend at the knees, pressing your booty back to squat down (never letting your knees pass your toes!!)

Now power up through your heels, thrusting your hips forward to stand – continuing through – press through your feet and power UP!

Land back down on soft knees and squat right back down again.  Please never land your jump on locked, straight knees.

Modification – squat down, like we’ve talked about already and reach your hands to the ground.  Then as you bring your hips forward to stand – squeeze your booty and reach your hands to the ceiling.  So it’s a squat and reach!  Option to rise up on your toes if you’d like a little extra fun 🙂


~ Squat jumps (or squat reach)

~ Basic burpee

Choose Your Level:

10,15 or 20 reps ea

1-3 rounds

Are you feeling POWERFUL yet?  Post a muscle emjoi below when you’re done …