Welcome to week 3!  Our final week of the 21 day Burpee challenge!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the challenge so far – and that you are ready to ROCK IT through this final week.  You know we’re upping the intensity – I’ve already been hinting at it in our weekly day 5s (POWER day!)

This week we’re adding in the JUMP UP TOP of our burpee.  We’re IN for FULL BURPEES today.

To do a Full Burpee:

~ Start standing, feet wider than hip width

~ Squat down reaching hands to ground

~ Jump or step back to plank

~ Do a push up – knees or toes

~ Jump or step forward into a squat

~ Thrust your hips forward to pull your upper body up, and JUMP (or REACH for low impact)

~ Lower back into your squat and repeat!

You’ve been working towards this.  We’ve been working on squats.  On push ups.  On squat jumps.  We’ve been progressing our burpees.  You’re ready – it’s time to CRUSH IT.  I know you can do it 🙂

TODAY’s WORKOUT – includes all 3 burpees we’ve been working on …

~ Basic Burpee

~ Push Up Burpee

~ FULL Burpee (with the push up AND jump!)

Choose Your Level:

8, 10 or 15 reps per round

1-3 rounds

How do the burpees feel?  Track your time – are you getting faster at them?  Stronger?  More confident?  Would love to hear from you – comment below …