Day ONE is here!!  Whoop whoop!!  Time to claim our inner badass athlete and get this BURPEE party started!  Ready?  Let’s GOOOOO!!   Today we’re working on the BASIC BURPEE.  The burpee in its most simplified form.

Squat.  Plank.  Squat.  Stand.

3 modification options for you:

ONE: JUMP through the moves:

This is how a traditional burpee is done.  Start standing – then squat down reaching your hands to the ground.  Jump back into a plank – then jump back pulling your legs under into a squat again.  Thrust your hips forward to pull back to standing – and repeat!

TWO:  STEP through the moves:

Follow the same steps as above – but replace the jumps with steps.  So you’ll start standing – then squat down reaching your hands to the ground.  Step back into plank.  Step forward into the squat.  Pull your hips under to stand back up, and repeat.

THREE:  STEP through the moves with your hands elevated:

Find a STURDY chair (or step, couch, etc) that you can SAFELY press your hands on.  Start standing in front of the chair.  Squat down, putting your hands on chair.  (This squat won’t be as deep as above when reaching to the floor).  Then step back to plank, staying elevelated.  Step forward into squat, stand back up, and repeat.

Choose the modification option that suits you best 🙂  Then – Choose Your LEVEL (CYL):

  • If you’re a workout newbie – start with the first rep number = 5 basic burpees
  • Intermediate = 8 basic burpees
  • Advanced = 10 basic burpees

Choose your modification, then choose your rep level.   Choose to do your reps for 1-3 rounds.  Again – work within your fitness level – but challenge yourself.

Time to BURPEE!!  GOOOOO!!!  Comment below when you’re done …