Hooray!  It’s PLANK day!!   Other than the burpee, plank really is the ultimate workout move.  So today is so super epic as we got to rock out both planks, and burpees – with push ups too!!  Am I the only one that’s super excited today?  Let’s gooooo!

My PLANK tips today – first of all – ALWAYS start with good form.  SHoulders over the wrists, eye gaze ahead of hands, nice straight line from head, through hips, to heels.

Modification is to be on your knees – but try to press up onto your toes.  Even just for a few seconds.  Try it 🙂

Our planks are getting longer now.  Either 30, 45 or 60 seconds.  To help pass the time, I recommend you do something to distract yourself.  Play some music that pumps you up!!  Have a book in front of you that you can read.  Something to take your mind off of the timer.  Just remember to keep good form.


Plank – 30, 45, or 60 secs

Push up burpee – CYL – 15, 20, or 25 reps ea

1-3 rounds

Tomorrow is rest day, so that means that we’ve basically made it half way through this 21 day challenge already!  Feel PROUD of yourself for getting this far.  You’re building the daily habits to health & fit.  Take a moment and just feel good about yourself for all effort and hard work.  You’ve earned it.