Yup – Saturday is the BEST day of the week!  It’s AMRAP challenge day!!  How much FUN and CRAZY did we have last Saturday??  Are you so excited to do it again??  Let’s get it …

As a reminder – AMRAP stands for AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE.  I’m going to give you a time and a set workout.  You’ll set a timer and see how many times you can blast through today’s workout.  Take breaks as needed – but that will slow down your rounds.


~ 5 Squats

~ 5 Basic Burpees

~ 5 Push ups

~ Plank (10 seconds)

~ 5 Push up Burpees

Choose Your Level:

8, 10 or 12 minutes!!  How many rounds can YOU do in that time?

Repeat for 1-3 rounds – each time trying to get more reps in!

Post a sweatie selfie when you’re done!