Did you think you were getting a rest day today?  Hmmm – but it’s the last day of the challenge!  You can rest TOMORROW 🙂  Today – we are crushing the ULTIMATE BURPEE CHALLENGE!  I had to throw this in here 🙂

100 BURPEES.  Yes – 100.

Choose your burpee option:

Basic burpee, push up burpee, or full burpee.

Then go rock out 100 of them!!

They don’t need to be in a row, if you’re not ready for that yet.  No worries!  You have ALL DAY to get them done.  Do some in the morning, some through the day, some more through the evening.  Or – just blast them all out.  Whatever works best for you.

But this is your final challenge today.  You’ve made it this far – do not quit now.  100 burpees.

Get ‘em done.  And with each and every rep, know that you are STRONGER.  You are more awesome.  You are fitter.  You CAN do this.  YOU are a badass athlete.

Thank you so very much for coming on this journey with us.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and gotten a lot out of these 21 days.  And now it’s time to make yourself even more ridiculously proud.

Comment below when you’re done your 100.