Day 20

Mountain Climbers

Cardio day!!    I just LOVE to combine cardio with core!  And that’s our focus today on day 20.  Let’s climb!

This is a classic move -the mountain climber – and I really wanted to add this on into this challenge as so many people lose the plank form when they do this move.  Now that we’ve really been working on it, I wanted to challenge you with adding in mountain climbers.

So – let’s talk about it – start first in high plank – yes proper form first to start!!  And KEEP the proper plank form through the whole set.  So often people’s hips start going up, and their body moves back so shoulders aren’t over wrists anymore.  Please work at keeping your hips tucked under, and those shoulders right where we want them.  And go get climbing!

Today’s challenge:

  • 25 Mountain climbers
  • Baseline low plank + 25 seconds
  • Baseline high plank + 25 seconds
  • Repeat 4 times

If you’ve done mountain climbers before … did you feel a difference in your form today?  Let us know how you did…