Day 1

Your baseline, form, modifications & intensifications



Welcome to the 21 day Playing with Planks challenge!   Over the next 3 weeks, no matter where you are starting from, I challenge you to get stronger with your planks – to be able to hold your planks longer – to try out some new plank variations – but most importantly … let’s have FUN together over the next 21 days ‘playing with planks’ 🙂

Today is day ONE – and it’s a super important day as we are going to get your BASELINE for your plank.  Over this challenge, the only person you are competing with is yourself.  We are all starting from a different place – a different fitness level – a different comfort and ability with planks.  So today let’s figure out your baseline time for holding a high plank.

Firstly, let’s talk PLANK FORM.  If you’ re not using good form through this challenge, you’re not going to get the same benefit out of it.  SO let’s kick things off right.

Ok in your plank, you’re basically making a plank through your body – a nice straight line from the tip of your head down to your heels.  Key points:

  • Your shoulders should be directly over your elbows and wrists
  • Your eye gaze should be about 6-12 inches ahead of your hands
  • Your core should be braced, your back flat and your hips tucked under
  • Tighten up your quads and glutes
  • Your feet about hip distance apart – and pressing some of the work into your heels

MODIFICATION OPTION:  Yes – if you need – you may drop to your knees, but ensure that your hips are still tucked under and you still have that nice straight line from your head to your knees on the ground.  You’re welcome to use this modification option at any point through this challenge – through any of the variations.

INTENSIFICATION OPTIONS – Are you a plank master already?  You’re welcome to kick your planks up at any point by using a bosu or stability ball under your upper or lower.  Through your balance off!  Challenge yourself to really fire up that core to help stabilize your body.  You can use this extra core challenge at any point over these 3 weeks – in any plank variation I throw at ya.

So now that we’ve talked about form, modifications and intensifications … let’s get to today’s challenge – getting your HIGH PLANK BASELINE.

You’ll need a timer for this.  I want you to give this a go THREE times.  Get into your high plank, and just hold.  Feel your quads and glutes kick in.  Feel your core fire up.  Feel the shake in your arms.  Keep that eye gaze looking ahead.  Hold as long as you possibly can.  Grab your time for how long you planked.  Rest & recover – and do it again.

Get 3 plank times and jot them down!  Then calculate the average.  (add all 3 times together and divide by 3).  We WILL be using this number moving forward  SO make sure you’ve got it.  Own it and be proud of it!!

Comment below when you’ve got your baseline high plank number – and be ready to ROCK IT moving forward.