Day 6

Hip Dips

Wowzers – we’ve made it to day 6!  Tomorrow is rest day, so this is your final challenge in week 1.  If you’ve been playing with us and crushing out your planks each day, I’m so proud of you for getting to this point!

Today we are definitely upping the fun with HIP DIPS!  This is one of my fave plank variations and I’m excited to share it with you.

Start in a low plank position – take a moment to ensure you have perfect form first!  Then drop 1 hip to the side,  just barely touching the floor, and pull it back up to center.  Then repeat to the other side. Take a few to get the feeling of it.  Really be using your core to control and pull back up.  TIP!!  Have your feet a little wider in this one, and use them to help as you dip side to side.

Modification!!  Yes – this IS a harder move.  If you need to modify, instead of dipping side to side,  drop 1 knee down, then press back up, and repeat other knee.  So do alternating knee drops instead of hip dips.

And for your timed plank challenge – we’re upping to base plus 15 seconds!!  Yes.  You.  Can!!

Your challenge today:

  • 16 hip dips
  • Baseline high plank + 15 seconds
  • Repeat 2 times

Comment below – which was your fave plank from this week?