Day 16

High low plank

Welcome to day 16, friends!  The plank party is in full swing – and today I’m excited to share another one of my FAVE moves  – the HIGH LOW Plank.  I LOVE this one as it works strength and control to the max! Let’s crush it together …

Start in your high plank (you know it – perfect form comes first!!) … then bend 1 arm down at a time into a low plank.  Here’s the fun part – push back up into high plank – making sure you step your hands back so your wrists are under your shoulders.

Yes – it’s a challenging one – but we’re in week 3!  You’ve got this.  Drop to your knees if you need.  But keep the control as you lower to low plank, then press back up to high plank.

TIP – Alternate lead hands.  So first start lowering to your elbows right, then left … press up right then left.  Then next one lower left then right … press up left than right.  If that’s too confusing, then don’t worry about it – just control down and press back up.  Once you’ve got the hang of that, then start alternating.

Today’s challenge:

  • 10 High low planks
  • Baseline low plank + 5 seconds
  • Baseline high plank + 5 seconds
  • Repeat 4 times

Yes repeat 4 times.  Not a typo. This is week 3!  We’re going for it – together.  Comment below when you’re done …