Day 8

Low plank baseline

Welcome back!!  Let’s kick off Week 2 with a whoop whoop!!   I hope you enjoyed your rest day and you’re ready to have even more fun with our planks this week 😉

Today is BASELINE day!  You saw what we did with the high plank baseline last week, and we are going to do a similar thing this week, but with LOW plank.

First let’s do a check-in on form.  Yes I talk about plank form a lot – because it’s SOOO important!!  If you’re out of alignment … if you’re watching your feet and your hips are up …  you just aren’t going to get the benefit of the move.  So please make sure you’ve got the form down.  Take a picture of video of yourself and see – are you in that nice straight line?  Are your hips tucked under – not drooping down or lifted up – but perfectly in line with your spine?  Are your shoulders over your elbows (low plank) or wrists (high plank)?  Is your eye gaze just ahead of your hands?  Adjust and work on it.

And remember your modification and intensification options.

Modification – drop to your knees (but still keep those hips tucked!) .. and intensification is to add some extra balance challenge with a bosu or stability ball.

Today your challenge is to hold strong in a LOW PLANK and time yourself.  You get 3 tries at it, and be sure to jot down those times!  Then add all 3 up and divide by 3.  That’s now your BASELINE time for this week.


Go crush it.  Get your low plank baseline and we’ll see you tomorrow for more planks 🙂  Comment when you’re done …