Day 18

Plank to BEAST

The BEAST is coming out today!  Welcome to day 18!  We’re almost at our 21 days – and the BEAST has been wanting to come out and play 🙂

What is BEAST?  Well – start on all 4’s – hands under your shoulders, knees right below hips.  Nice flat back with eye gaze just ahead of hands.  Now curl your toes under and lift your knees just a few inches off the floor.  THIS is beast.  Your back should still be flat.  It’s called beast as it takes a real beast to rock this move.  And here we are in day 18 – I see the BEAST in you 🙂

So our move today – start first in a high plank (yup – perfect form!!).  Then jump (or step if needed) into BEAST.  Ensure your eye gaze is forward (not watching your feet) … back is flat and hip under.  Knees just hovering the floor.  Then jump or step back to plank.  Work hard to control the swinging and bounce.  Keep your body braced and controlled.

Today’s challenge:

  • 15 Plank to Beast
  • Baseline low plank + 15 seconds
  • Baseline high plank + 15 seconds
  • Repeat 4 times

Post a selfie after this workout to let us know how much FUN it was (lol??!!)