Day 19

Thread the Needle

It’s day 19 – We’re side planking today – reaching it through – firing up the obliques!!

Today’s plank variation is called THREAD THE NEEDLE.  Start first in a side plank (you may be on your elbow if needed, on your bottom toes or knees – just please make sure there’s perfect alignment from the top of your head diagonal to the floor).

Reach your top arm up to the ceiling – your body should be strong and perpendicular to the floor.  Now take that top arm and tuck it under the bottom arm – like threading a needle.  Reach as much as you can behind you.  It’s ok for your hips to come up a bit.  Then return back to your side plank and reach back up again.  Complete your reps on 1 side, then switch to the other.  You’re welcome to do ½ reps on 1 then the other, if you are still working on your planks.  If you’re a plank master, do all 20 on 1 side, then the other.

Today’s challenge:

  • 20 Thread the needle
  • Baseline low plank + 20 seconds
  • Baseline high plank + 20 seconds
  • Repeat 4 times

Drop an emoji below when you’re done …