Day 10

Leg Lifts

It’s time to bring the booty to the plank party!  Welcome to day 10 of our 21 day playing with planks challenge.  I’m excited for today’s challenge as I love to work booty!  Ready?  Let’s do this …

In today’s variation we’re rocking plank leg lifts.  As always, be sure to start with perfect plank form!  Then – lift 1 leg at a time, controlling back down.  Note that the lift comes from the booty!

Feel the squeeze through the back of your legs (hamstrings & glutes), and use that squeeze to lift the leg.  It’s not a big high kick – doesn’t need to be a big move.  Just enough to challenge your balance in your plank as you lift each leg – and then to feel the booty fire up!

For counting, same as usual.  If you’re still new at planking, you may count each lift as 1.  Otherwise, a right and left is 1!

Today’s challenge:

  • 10 Leg lifts
  • Baseline low plank + 5 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times

Drop a booty emoji below when you’re done 🙂