Day 4

Compound – Downdog to Plank

Day four … are we having fun yet? Let’s continue the ‘playing with planks’ party and start building on our planks.  Today we’re combining 2 moves together into 1 – moving back and forth between them.

We always start in our perfect plank position (I’ll say it again just to be sure … shoulders over wrists, eye gaze ahead of hands, hips tucked under and core braced).

Then – reach your hips up and push back into downward dog.  Now your head should be framed between your arms, reaching your chest towards your thighs, your tailbone reaches to the ceiling.  Ahhhh  – enjoy that stretch for just a quick moment.

Next, tighten your core and pull your hips back down to plank – shoulders return over wrists, eye gaze goes ahead of hands, and hips tucked under.

Keep moving between these 2 moves – focusing on reaching your hips up in downward dog, then pulling and tucking your hips under in plank. Do this 12 times.

For your high plank today, we’re adding 10 seconds to your baseline!  I believe in you!!  You CAN do it!

Today’s challenge:

  • 12 Downdog to planks
  • Baseline high plank +10 seconds
  • Repeat twice!

Crush it friends!!  Comment when you’re done …