Day 21


WOW!!  We did it!!  Day 21 – our final day!!  But is it a Rest day?  NOPE!  Not today!  It’s our last day together  – so today we are finishing out this playing with planks party with a final challenge.

Today I want you to blow your own mind.  I want you to feel so insanely proud of yourself and see how far you’ve come over the last 3 weeks.  Ready??  Let’s do this ..

Two different planks (high and low) – ONE shot at each.  So make these planks the greatest planks you have ever done.  I believe in you and know you can do it.

Tip – I suggest you set yourself a goal.  Choose a number, really out there – and just do it.  Your body WILL stay in the plank.  MOre often, it’s your MIND you need to convince.  So pick a number you want to go for – tell your mind to SHUT UP – put on some music that JACKS YOU UP – and go for it.

Time yourself in your final planks of this challenge.  One high plank.  One low plank.

Comment below when you’re done – and share your excitement for how far you’ve come!!  So proud of you for joining us on this journey!!