Day 7

WooHoo!!  Final day of week ONE!  And just a heads up – this is your final day with only 2 exercises in your challenge.  Starting next week, we’re upping to 3 each day.  You’re welcome 🙂 So enjoy it today!

Today’s workout: 

  • 12 Bicycle twists
  • 30 second plank
  • Repeat 1-3 times

A few notes for today …

With the bicycle twists, 1 rep counts as a twist to BOTH the right and left.  And be sure you’re focusing on that opposition of pulling 1 knee in and pushing the other heel away, while reaching your armpit to the opposite elbow.

In your plank – do something to distract yourself from the timer.  Put on some music to pump you up!  Ensure you have proper form, and then just groove it out!

Comment below when you’re done –  What’s your go-to pump you up song?