Day 3

It’s day three and today we’re bringing in the most classic of all core moves – the SIT UP.  And I’ll tell you right now – most people do these WRONG.  Today we’re going to learn to do them RIGHT 🙂

Today’s workout:

  • 10 Sit Ups
  • 10 Bicycle Twists
  • Repeat 1-3 times

Let’s dive right into how to do the SIT UP right!  You ready?  Here goes …

Focus on the ROLL DOWN!  Yup.  Focus more on the down.

Most people swing their arms and use momentum to get up, then just drop back down – quite often hurting their back.  And they never even work their core!  Today we’re going to FIRE IT UP!

Start lying on your back, knees bent in.  Just like in the crunches, tuck your chin to your chest, press your belly button into your spine and take a giant exhale.  Lift your upper body as high as you can.  It might take a few days/weeks to get all the way up, but stick with it – you will get there!  Lift as high as YOU can – and hold it there for a moment.

Now, with your tummy still braced and pressing into your back, feel yourself ROLLING back down to starting – 1 vertebrae at a time, like you’re making an imprint in wet cement.  Focus on the ROLL back down – 1 vertebrae at a time.  Feel any different than you usually do your sit ups?  Keep at it.  You’ll get them!  Do 10, coming up as high as YOU can, then focus on rolling down.


This is another move that I find a lot of people do wrong.  I want you focusing here on OPPOSITION.  1 knee is going to pull into your chest, while the other knee really reaches and extends out away.  Feel that opposition.  Pull 1 knee and extend the other.  Then switch.

And – at the same time, we’re adding in the twist.  Your armpit will reach across to meet the opposite knee.

Notice I said ARMPIT and not elbow.  I don’t just want you bending from your shoulders to touch the knee – I want your whole torso twisting.  That’s why we’re reaching from the armpit instead.  Getting deeper!  You’re welcome 🙂

So 10 sit ups and 10 bicycle twists – repeated 1-3 times. 

Comment below when you’re done – and I’m curious how you did with these moves.  Did these feel a bit different than you’re used to, following these tips?  Or are they new entirely to you?  Or have you already been rocking them like this?  How did you do?  Comment below …