Day 14

Day 14 – our final day of week 2.  How about we UP the REPs today!  Let’s go to 20 of all 3 exercises!  YES you can!!

Today’s workout:

  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 russian twists
  • 20 shoulder taps
  • Repeat 1-3 times

Today’s tip – CONTROL the WOBBLE in those shoulder taps!!  This move is NOT for speed!!  It’s not about how FAST can you do the taps.  It’s actually the opposite.  How SLOW and controlled can you move?  Control the wobble.  As you lift and transfer your weight side to side, do not move your body.  Tighten your core.  Tighten your glutes and your quads.  Stay perfectly balanced and stable as you go.

Think about this – there’s a glass of water on your back.  Do not spill the water as you tap shoulder to shoulder.  Make sense?

And with that, we’re done week 2!  Can you believe it?  Week 3 we go to QUADSETS!!  4 exercises each day!! Are YOU excited??