Day 13

Nice & easy – everything is just 18 today.  Some days I throw us off by changing the rep range, or throwing in a plank for time.  Today, it’s just 18 of all 3 exercises.  From our back, to plank, and back to back again 🙂

Today’s workout:

  • 18 crunches
  • 18 shoulder taps
  • 18 leg raises
  • Repeat 1-3 times

For today’s tip, I want to chat about the leg raises, as we really haven’t focused in on this move much.  You know how I talk a lot about really focusing on the ROLL DOWN in our sit ups?  Well – I want you to think that same idea here – focusing on the DOWN in your raises.  I’m telling you – this ’s the GOOD STUFF!!

Take that giant exhale and lift your legs, ensuring your lower back stays pressed into the ground. It will want to arch – but you’re not going to let it!  Then … how SLOW can you lower those legs back down?  Again DO NOT ARCH!!  Keep your lower back pressing into the ground as you lower your legs.

Feel the burn?  YUP – that’s your lower core firing up!  And it’s AWESOME!!!  I get asked so often about toning the lower tummy … well THIS is how!  Are you feeling it?  Let us know below ..