Day 2

Whoop Whoop – day TWO!!  How was yesterday?  So proud of you for showing up again!  Day 2 is going to be just as fun 🙂

Today’s workout:

  • 10 Russian Twists
  • 10 Leg Extensions
  • Repeat 1-3 times, depending on your time availability and fitness level.
  • HOW TO do today’s exercises:


From a seated position, punch your tummy into your back, tuck your chin to your chest, and roll back slightly to fire up the core.

Then, twist your body to pull one shoulder to your center line, reaching the other one back.  Then twist the other way.  How much can you rotate?

OPTION is to hold a weight and see how far back you can reach the weight on each side.

Ensure you’re not sitting straight up doing this.  You want to get your upper body low to the floor.

Complete 10 Russian Twists.  1 rep counts as a twist to the right AND the left!  (so yes – it’s kinda like 20 twists.  But we count it as 10. Hahaha – insert evil trainer laugh here!)


With your hands on the ground, roll back slightly so your tummy is again pressing into your spine, and your chin tucked into your chest.

Pull your knees into your chest, then extend them out in front of you – hovering your heels over the ground.

Pull back in, and extend out.  As you extend, keep your tummy pressing IN!  That’s how to fire up the core.  And keep breathing!

MODIFICATION:  If you need to modify, tap your heels to the ground and you can bend your knees in the extension.

Complete 10 Leg Extensions.  Each time you extend it counts as 1 rep.

Repeat all 1-3 times.  Comment below when you’re done – and feel free to post a sweatie selfie to share with us your excitement!