Day 16

Quadset week is in full swing – and our tummies are definitely tightening up!  It’s DAY 16!!!  We are CRUSHING this!!!  Let’s keep the party going …

Today’s workout:

  • 22 sit ups
  • 22 bicycle twists
  • 22 shoulder taps
  • 22 leg raises
  • Repeat 1-3 times

For today’s tip I want to talk about WHY I have kept the same 8 exercises through this whole challenge.  WHY we are keeping to basics here and repeating the same things.  There is so much power in this … I’ll tell you why …

Because I want you to get results.  That’s why.

So often, I see people always looking for new workouts.  FOr new moves to try.  ANd what happens?  THey focus so much energy into learning the new move.  ANd quite often they do it wrong.  They try it once and then they’re off looking for another new move.  They don’t give themselves enough time to master the move and get the benefits from it.

Here – we are focusing on form and on repeating the same 8 moves.  I am giving you time to get good at each move.  To work on them.  Time to feel each move.  Time to really see the benefits from your efforts.

It’s not always about moving on to the next move.  It’s about getting really good at one – so that you don’t need to be learning new things.  You know the form.  You’re good at it.  Now you just work it, and get results from it.  Make sense?

What move are you most confident in so far?  What move feels the best to you and your body?  We wanna know … comment below …