Unexpected Ways To Be Creative

How To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing While Having Novice Experiences Creativity can be very elusive sometimes. Many people have experienced what is called an “artist block” and know how frustrating it can be, especially if you have to meet specific deadlines. Feeling inspired and in your element is crucial when writing, making music, painting and the likes.

Creativity, however, is not useful only to artists. On the contrary, it has its applications regardless of your working environment. By finding inspiration in the surrounding world and utilizing it to make something yourself, you leave your own unique imprint and induce a massive mindset change.

Not only that, but you are also connecting to the tools you’ve used and giving an outlet to your thoughts and ideas. The sense of fulfillment when you see something you’ve made yourself is like nothing else. Creativity applied does indeed shift your mindset towards growth, and this is why we have made a list of activities that boost your creativity.

We hope you find them interesting and maybe try some yourself!

Cook Something

Cook in bulk

Food is one of the few necessities which can double as a hobby or creative outlet. We all need to eat; however, not all of us have tried cooking something difficult or arranging a dish to look a certain way. It’s a good idea to cook something when you feel stuck not only because food is necessary, but because we often want to eat something delicious and beautiful when we feel down.

Comfort food is a thing for a reason, after all. And what better way to make yourself feel better than by making something tasty that also looks great. It can be as simple as your favorite three-ingredient meal, just with some added twists or decorations. Or it can be some intricate dish you haven’t tried yet but are definitely dying to.


Whichever one you choose, you will likely feel a bit better after spending some time in the kitchen and enjoying the outcome.

Make Something Ugly

This may sound counterintuitive at first. A lot of us are used to only focusing on the end result. If something isn’t perfect at the end, there is no use in making it.  That’s really not true. The process itself is just as important because that’s when we learn new things.

So instead of fixating on what the end product will look like, try making something just for the sake of it. Not everything we do has to be store-bought quality, and by having fun while making something that looks funny, you will remind yourself of that. Many people are so pressured to have their end result exactly the same as it is in their heads that they often don’t even try to make the thing in the first place.

By detaching yourself from that fear, you can start creating what you want to just because you find it fun. And that’s a pretty freeing way to look at things.

Go To The Garden

Nature is the best source of inspiration, and you can see its influence in almost every artist’s work throughout the centuries. Not all of us are painters or sculptors, however, so how can we use this wonderful source? The answer is actually surprisingly simple – try making your own garden. Whether you have your own backyard or live in an apartment on the 14th floor, taking care of a few plants is always possible.

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The nurturing feeling this activity provides is synonymous with a good time. Once you get started, you can even use what you grow in different things. If you’re growing fruits and vegetables, or even spices, you can use them to later cook something yourself (a complete circle, huh). And if you’re more into flowers and other kinds of plants you can always decorate your house with them or herborize some. You can even use some fruits as decorations (dried lemon slices look great on a Christmas tree).

Talk To Different Artists

These are some of the most interesting people to have a conversation with. Their worldviews, past adventures, plans for the future – everything can be a source of inspiration. And the best part is most of the time they inspire you for your own ideas. Just by listening to their ideas, you often start thinking of your versions of them which is creativity already at work.

If you’re an artist yourself, you can start collaborating with artists in different mediums to yours and do some outstanding projects. However, if you aren’t, you can still be motivated by their creations and maybe even dare to make something yourself. And even if none of this works, you are definitely having some fascinating conversations and making some friends along the way.

Build Something

This can mean pretty much anything, which is the best part. You can start small and make a vase out of a wine bottle, for example. Or, if you’re feeling very creative, try making your very own coffee table or even a cupboard.

You can choose the materials or just reuse some already made items. Building and crafting bigger, more complicated objects gives you a spatial way of thinking which is sadly not commonly used. You may also encounter some difficulties requiring a more innovative approach during the process, which boosts your creative decision-making skills.

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If you feel this is a bit too much for you, a fun way to still try this idea is to make miniature prototypes out of simple materials. Ice cream sticks or the cork used to close wine bottles are excellent materials to craft a mini version of some of the bigger items you like.

Planes, cars, or entire houses can be built with them, some glue and some wire, making great home decorations. Using different materials and tools to those you are used to in your everyday life breaks you out of your comfort zone and puts you in an entirely new environment. And that’s exactly where the magic of creativity can be found.

Final Thoughts

Allowing yourself to try things for the first time and not worry about the end product makes you look at the world through a different lens, which is often a more positive one.

Unleashing your creativity will also be useful in your daily life. Yes, it broadens your horizons, and yes, that’s a wonderful thing, but it does something else too. It reshapes your view and mindset towards your normal schedule and activities. Most people who are creative in this way say their routine has benefitted too because they appreciate different aspects of it.

So why not choose one of our ideas and start your adventure? Let’s get to it!