Preserving Your Inner Child – Yes, I’m Serious!

You know how when you’re a kid everything is an adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a ten year old that wants to be a pirate or a teenager that reads Hemingway for the first time and wants to travel through Africa.

That adventurous spirit, the need to learn, touch, smell, the need to jump that fence or rollerblade in an empty pool – that is what you’ve been missing!

I know, I know, you’re an adult now and you have responsibilities, a job, a couple of hungry mouths. But is that a good enough excuse to stop exploring the world and having fun?

Let’s talk responsibilities

As an adult, It is perfectly normal to leave behind the easy-going life you had. You have a family now and a job that takes up a great deal of your time, not to mention day drinking is out of the question. There is also social pressure from your peers and your parents. You can see the look in their eyes that says “You’re too old for that!”

Sure, but It’s also your responsibility to never stop being curious about life. That means to not stop exploring yourself, as well. It’s a necessity to allow yourself to be adventurous, spontaneous, and sometimes even silly.

Childlike manner

The life of a kid is always fun because every day is a new day, everything is new in general. You have the energy, you have the time, you have no responsibilities and there are companions to do it with. You can jump rope, laugh out loud practically everywhere you go, you can run down a hill and feel like you’re flying.

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You can chug down an ice cream cone and have your face looking like Frosty the Snowman without a care in the world.

You haven’t done that in a while, have you?

It’s Time To Start Doing It!

Keeping in touch with your inner child is a must for your personal health and well-being. The stress of everyday life is something we all face and search for ways to take the steam off. Start with simple things. Take a day off just for yourself, maybe don’t get up early in the morning, don’t take off your jammies, eat ice cream for breakfast.

For the more devious people, you can try not doing the things you usually do just for a day – If you smoke, don’t smoke, If you drive, don’t drive. You couldn’t do them back then, try them now.

Try to remember all the silly things you used to do when you were a kid and just do them. Don’t think about what people would think, just have a you-day all day.

What It Can Do For You

The benefits of this experiment are plenty. It will make you feel better in general. It’s like a pause button for your brain to stop pumping out stress-related thoughts. The psychological release you would feel is a must If you don’t feel like you’re living your best life.

It’s quite common to think about all the things in your life that have changed. Taking a childish day could help you appreciate your life, the people in it, and, most of all, yourself. So, don’t think too much about it. The next opportunity you get, just hop on your bike, ride to the creek and get on that tire swing. Sure you can fit in it, don’t worry.

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Life shouldn’t be a chore, especially when It’s this short. You deserve to feel like a kid at least once more.