What Is The Growth Mindset ?

If we put things black on white, we’d realize that the majority of humans come to this world with the same “specs”, so to speak. We all have a brain, body and all our bodily systems work on the same principles and run the same chemistry. But what is it that actually makes a person successful and different from other people? Well, the secret, perhaps, lies not in lucky circumstances, but in the mindset, which in turn controls our actions and reactions.

Think About It…

If you look into your own life, you may come to realize that though you are creative, your mindset has probably, at one point, had a big influence on you and your overall success.

Contrary to popular belief, skills and knowledge are not a given, but are rather developed through time.

How Important Is Mindset, Really?

Now, setting bad luck and unsuccessful ventures aside, we can tell you one thing – Your thought patterns lead to certain actions and behaviors. Even more so, your thoughts and feelings are literally the CODE of your brain’s workings. Whatever you think about, you attract and find more of!

For example, if a friend or a colleague starts talking to you about a potential business idea, do not instantly start talking about why it can’t happen. If you fix your mindset on the reasons why it cannot happen, you will only find more and more reasons why it can’t happen. Instead, try and think of those things as “obstacles along the way to success”, rather than “reasons why it cannot happen”.

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Of course, we are not telling you to be delusional and emit fake positivity about projects, relationships, business ideas, etc. What we are telling you is that you should consistently put in the work to shift and transform your own mindset to “What is the solution for this?” rather than “Here’s why this is impossible”.

Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset

Before transitioning and transforming your mindset to what we call “growth mindset” you have to become aware of your current mindset about certain things. In most cases, we, people, have limiting beliefs about many aspects of our lives. These limiting beliefs cause us to stagnate on one level of development, which in turn leads to the inability to outdo yourself.

This is EXACTLY what the “fixed mindset” is!

Here are some traits of the fixed mindset:

  1. You give up easily
  2. Putting extra effort in feels bad
  3. You don’t see how you can further develop your skills
  4. You stay true to a certain set of behaviors
  5. You don’t take on new ideas/ventures
  6. You don’t take risk
  7. You can’t take criticism

On the other hand, you have the “growth mindset”, which implies that you are always a student in the school of life and your skills/knowledge are always due for change and improvement.

The growth mindset, at its very essence, is the belief/feeling that we, ourselves, are in control of our personal development, skills, knowledge, opportunities, etcetera.

Here are the most common traits of the growth mindset:

  1. You are always in for extra effort and it feels meaningful
  2. You always take on learning new skills/knowledge
  3. You analyze your behaviors/emotions and work on them
  4. You take risks
  5. You listen carefully and don’t react emotionally when someone is giving you criticism
  6. You seek to network with people of higher standards/more successful individuals

Take Home Message

Establishing a proper feedback loop, while taking risks and challenges, is essentially at the very core of the growth mindset. These are the things that attach meaning and actually make you feel like it is worth doing. Remember, the fixed mindset only sees the problems, while the growth mindset sees the problems and their solutions.

The fixed mindset sees extra effort as unnecessary, while the growth mindset is always in the works.

Stay on your game.