The nurturing power of music

Since the dawning of time, man has been driven by music’s mystical guidance that meets our emotions in just the right way.

Music has always been more than an artistic proof of people’s cultural heritage and proficiency. It is, and always will be, a force that is driven by nature, with which we collide.

All living things around us create sounds that are musically, by our understanding, well toned and pitched perfect. That means every sound nature creates is music.

The collision of wind and tree branches, the mating sound of any wild animal, the song the river sings when the stream flows, the cry of a new born baby – all great examples of how we are connected emotionally to everything living around us.

Can music heal?

Fixating on the idea that everything in life is musically toned correctly has to lead to something else. If we agree that every sound that nature creates is a song, by our standards, then we communicate with nature by song.

This emotional link that we have with nature is the key to understanding that the sounds, songs and music we and nature create may help us leave happier lives.

Let’s say you’ve had a stressful day and you want to unwind and get out of your thoughts. The music we listen to every day can make you more stressed, but the music nature makes every day could help you restore your mindset.

I’m not saying that today’s, or at any point of the human evolution, music is bad for you. Many people enjoy listening to rock and metal music to get rid of the aggression that has been building up all day.

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Jazz is also a popular music style that could park your mindset anywhere between uplifted and relaxed.

But no, the type of music I’m talking about is the one that comes directly from nature herself. I’m talking about whale sounds, fast river streams, waterfalls, a person, or animal, walking on grass with different paces, a wolf’s howl, night time animal noises.

All these different musical masterpieces could help you reach whatever state you want to be in fast and efficient.

It comes from within us

The reason these songs can have such an effect on us is that we have a connection with the artist – mother nature.

Evolution has made man want to differ from Its roots. It has made man want to not be seen as just another animal in the food chain. That, of course, is a kind of marketing tool to make us feel special.

Nevertheless, the only fact is that we have lost the symbioses with nature, which leads to not living the lives we want, stress, a fear of committing to anything, having trouble making major decisions.

So, how do we change that? Simple, just get in touch with the only way everything living around us talks to each other – listen to it. Listen to it all.

Go to the great outdoors and listen to all the music the world wants you to hear. Close your eyes, let all the bad stuff out and set your emotions free.

I know, many of you can’t afford to be missing out on work to do this, so then go online and find this music. Recordings of all nature’s songs are out there. Plug in the headphones and close your eyes.

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You can do it in the car, you can do it in the park, in your bed, in the shower. This important thing is to let the sounds touch you and make you want to sing back to them. It may sound silly, but is there anything more natural than becoming one with the earth we are standing on?