The Best Habits To Implement In Your Life

As humans, we are creatures who think, do and say out of deeply embedded habits. Each habit can either be productive or destructive for our long-term personal development, health and wellbeing.

In reality, if you think about it, your current life situation and state of being, are a direct reflection of the habits and thought patterns that you sustained and acted upon. Without a doubt, habits play a big role in our lives, as they are a vital part of our behavioral patterns, which in turn lead our lives in certain directions.

A Bad Habit

Breaking up with your bad habits and implementing new, more productive ones is without a doubt one of the toughest things to do. This is something that requires strong willpower and the desire to actually break the habit of being yourself. As we already mentioned, these habits, even the more toxic ones, feel natural, because they are what the brain knows.

The quest is to break those patterns and establish new, more productive habits. At first, this may feel unnatural but rest assured, the more you do the unknown, the more it becomes the new known. Here are some ideas for new habits you can establish to improve your overall quality of life

#1 Exercise

Besides making you look good naked, exercise can help you perform better in every aspect of your life.

Every time you do weighted or aerobic exercise, a flurry of nourishing substances is unleashed, which in turn improves the function of both your muscles and the brain.

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These substances include dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin, all of which create euphoric states that make you feel more content with everything.

#2 Eat Whole

How To Eat On A Busy Schedule

Your wellbeing is a result of the way you treat your brain and your body. The things you put in your body (food, liquids) play a big role in all functions of your organism. It is important to remember that there are essential nutrients for the body, that we need but can’t produce on our own, internally.

The most essential nutrients are protein and fats, which are best derived from quality, well-grown animal meat and organs. While animal products should be at the core of your nutrition, you can include servings of vegetables and a carbohydrate source (potatoes, rice, other grains, etc.) to every meal.

Besides that, a couple portions of fruits a day, will also provide viable micronutrients, which will improve the functioning of your body.

Focus on whole foods!

#3 Be grateful

Though very important, exercise and nutrition are not all there is to health. The mental state you’re in will, to a big extent, determine your perception of each experience. A healthier perception of life means better overall wellbeing which therefore implies that mental practices can be introduced to your lifestyle, especially if you have a tendency to be more negative.

We spend a lot of our time digging through problems and while for the most part they look negative, problems help us thrive and improve. Try and shift your focus and perspective to one that makes you grateful for everything, even your problems.


Gratefulness allows you to feel content with what you have, instead of feeling the lack of what you don’t have. This natural mental state of abundance will, in turn, put you in a position where you can utilize it to take action on what needs to be done, in order for you to have what you want/need.

#4 Be in solitude

People are social creatures and as such, many of us tend to always be surrounded by people. However, just like some philosophical teachings suggest, the biggest breakthroughs come in solitude.

This is why it is important for you to have meetings with yourself, to analyze experiences, create a mental map of the future and last but not least, unwind from the overwhelmingly social world we live in. Remember, life is not all about goals and achievements. Sometimes you have to take a seat back, relax and look at things from a third perspective.

#5 Read

As cheesy as it is, reading is one of the best habits you can implement in your lifestyle. Think about it, people write books when they are at the peak of their creativity, when they want to share something with someone.

Books are the best way to gain knowledge from people that have been through things, and also the best way to train the creative/imagining part of your brain (i.e fiction books).


At your very core, you are a very complex, biological deep-learning machine, which you write the code for through your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

For the most part, your daily life is 95% automatic, which is the exact reason why you should consciously engage in creating new and better habits.


Recognize and target your bad habits and try to replace them with things that support the work of your body and brain!