Personal Development Goals – How To Set Them

Though commonly misunderstood and undermined, goal-setting is an important aspect of your personal development process. Certainly, there is no end point to personal development, as there is always more to learn from, throughout your entire life. Walking through your life though, setting higher goals that will help you improve as a person is a must.

Now you may be asking yourself “How do I even set a goal? I have no idea what I want from life”. But let us tell you this – Those goals should concern your character development, rather than materialistic goals in the external world.

5 Personal Development Goals

Without further ado, let’s have a look at 5 of the most important traits you should set a goal to work on throughout your personal development journey.

#1 Discipline

Placing The Goals

In today’s world, people look for motivation when they have to do something that requires a bit more effort. This motivation mostly depends on external factors, thus making it unreliable and unsustainable. Instead of motivation, you should try and place a goal for developing your discipline.

This will help you do what you have to do with the minimum amount of resistance, even when you don’t feel like doing it.

#2 Focus

Set Correct Goals s

You probably know the overwhelming feeling when you have too much to do and start multi-tasking, bringing yourself to a burnout and anxiety quickly. Well, if you set the goal of improving your focus and attention span, these things will happen less often. As an end result, you will have a better end result with whatever it is that you are focused on.

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#3 Creativity

For the most part, we tend to be in an environment where logical thinking is required and that therefore means less creative time. Try and set a goal for spending more time with your creative brain, whether that means brainstorming ideas or creating art. Remember that a part of your brain is a factory for ideas and visions!

#4 Positive Thinking

If we put aside the commonly understood concept of positive thinking, we can conclude that positive thinking can actually work. This is because, well, the brain was literally designed to look for the worst possible outcome, in order to prepare for whatever comes its way. Such a survival mechanism however isn’t really applicable in the modern-day world, where you have access to multiple solutions to any problem.

Set a goal to catch your brain in those moments and come up with the BEST possible outcome.

#5 Decisiveness

All of us have probably missed a massive opportunity at one point or another, because of indecisiveness. Set a goal to develop the way you recognize and act upon opportunities that life presents you. And not only that, just decide on things in your life which you feel are bad for you, but don’t eliminate. Decisiveness is a key trait you should aim to develop on your personal development journey.


When engaging in your own personal development, you should try and look for things in your own self, which you can improve. Set a goal for all of those, observe yourself, your reactions, behaviors and try to make a conscious change. Remember that this goal setting & achieving is always for your greater good!