How to become an early riser

Strategies for becoming an early bird

If you’re not a morning person, waking up early can be a handful. And I know, I know, many would say that calling one “a morning person”, or another “a night owl” is just an excuse, but is it really?

If you have one of the many genes for being a ‘morning person,’ your melatonin (sleep hormone) levels are likely to rise earlier in the evening and fall earlier in the morning than someone with ‘night owl’ genes.” – Dr. Mike Dow.

This is a passage from psychotherapist Mike Dow’s book “Heal your drained brain”. The main idea is that there is actual scientific proof that some people do have troubles with being early birds.

Nevertheless, you needn’t give up on the idea that you will wake up early and feel energized for the day. Even If there is scientific proof that you are not lazy, you still can follow a couple of simple tips to improve your sleep and feel great in the morning.

Get a grip of your melatonin

There are two different types of time schedules regarding melatonin levels – “Time release melatonin” and “Fast – dissolve melatonin”.

Basically, this means that you can control your melatonin production by creating a different sleeping schedule. If you’re a night owl just get yourself in bed at around 8 p.m.

Ofcourse, this is not 100% guaranteed advice, because there is always the chance that you won’t fall asleep in the next couple of hours. But why is that?

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We are what we eat

What we eat and drink can affect our nervous system in so many ways that It is practically impossible to fall asleep.

Sugar and  are one of the main coprates in this game of sleep or no sleep. Cut down your sugar consumption to 2 hours before going to bed. That can help your melatonin levels to take charge and get you snoozing quickly.

also has sugars in it, but on top of that It irritates your nervous system even more than actual sugar. It takes up to 40 minutes after your last drop of booze to be processed by your body.

You’ve been looking at it all day!

The blue light from your phone or laptop can and will not let you sleep. Even if you have it on stand by next to you, your mind will mistakenly presume you are not going to sleep, but instead have to be awake.

It’s keen to let your mind and body feel as If this room is only for sleeping, and that is It. This is one of the best ways to have mind hygiene. And speaking of that, let’s talk about…

Nightly routines

You know how there are certain kinds of things that just get you relaxed like nothing else. Why not try them before going to bed?

Little rituals like taking a bubble bath, a long hot shower, yoga, scented candles, lavender scents help a lot.

If you’re up to it, you could try creating a routine programme that would have you do different little chores – like activities to get your body to know It’s time for shuteye.

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But whatever you do, do not exercise to get yourself worn off in order to fall asleep easier. It may seem logical that If you want to hit the pillow easier you can go for a jog or do exercises.

The only thing that this could help is to make your body feel like It’s the middle of the day and you need more serotonin, which is quite the opposite of what you need.