Improving Your Quality of Life

“It is our decisions, not our conditions that determine our quality of life”, says John C Maxwell. Quality of life can be hard to define because its definition can vary by people’s lifestyle and their preferences in life. For some people it might be, becoming CEO of a well-known company, for others, it might be just fulfilling their wanderlust in the Amazon Forest.

Either way, quality of life is a subjective and intangible term that is the outcome of one’s decisions and wishful choices. People who were born in rough conditions are not at fault but if their deathbed is laid under the same roof then it is their choice of living.  As Jack Canfield once said, “There is only one person responsible for the quality of life you live and that person is you.” Therefore, one can certainly improve their quality of life by making the right decisions whether it be financial or social.

Improving Your Quality of Life


Improving the quality of life is not a hard nut to crack and there are certain aspects to pay more attention to and certain things to do that may help you increase your overall life quality.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

Be Grateful for What You Have

It’s human nature to envy what others have and we lack – whether it be good grades, lifelong friendships, flourishing careers, flaunting pay, or a loving soulmate. We sometimes drain our entire energy over such a lost cause while instead, we should be spending that energy in celebrating what we have. Being grateful for little things in life can help us to live a happier and contented life.

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Maintain Healthy Relationships

The most important factor required to have a better quality of life is to maintain healthy relationships whether it be with your life partner, friends, or parents and siblings. Research has indicated a high correlation of increased happiness, life satisfaction, psychological well-being, and reduced suicide risk with having a healthy relationship.

Abusive relationships and toxic friendships can reduce one’s intention to live further and may lead to depression and hopelessness. Therefore, try to maintain healthy relationships and let go of the toxic ones.

Find Meaning in Your Work

Is pay the most relevant factor for opting a job opportunity? Many people subconsciously agree to this notion because they link higher pay to being able to afford a better standard of living.

But a better standard of living is no way near to having a better quality of life. Being part of a working environment that is meaningless and directionless can lead to harmful consequences, it can emotionally and physically drain one person and reduce the quality of life to an alarming point.

Hence, choose a job that might not pay well but might help you to stay well.

ME Time

The age of 22-30, where we feel so much pressurized by the expectations that society holds for us. Getting degrees with distinctions, getting well-paying jobs, getting great life partners, having healthy children and what not! So much to achieve in such a short span that we actually forget to take our time for ourselves.

Research has proved that people who take their free time for themselves tend to have lesser stresses, improved moods, and have enhanced problem-solving skills. Therefore, always try to have little Me time before going to bed.


Be Optimistic

Optimism refers to being able to always find the positive side of most unpleasant situations. That seems impossible for extreme situations such as departing a loved one but this is an actual test of life to get yourself out of adversity by being optimistic.

In the pursuit of getting a better quality of life one must hop on the bandwagon of optimism and envision the best possible outcome.

Stay Healthy

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The three rituals of staying healthy include a good night’s sleep, a healthy balanced diet, and exercise. All three drivers are extremely crucial to keep your life moving on the path of getting the best quality of life. Missing on any one of them can cause detrimental effects on your health and can spare you from enjoying the moments of life.