Help Yourself Before Others – Why It is Important

Do you find it hard to say no to people? Have you ever said yes to someone even when it was inconvenient or to your detriment? Maybe you find it hard to say no to others because you are afraid of being called selfish and self-serving. Many people struggle with this, and while it is great to be known as the go-to and reliable person, it is also a great responsibility.

Yes, it is necessary to help others but not when it is at a disadvantage to you. You will always be needed by others, friends, family, coworkers, etc. but remember that you’re also needed by… You. When you are not in the right space mentally and physically, there’s no way you can impart someone positively. Now let us discuss this intricate topic a little further …

Importance of Putting Yourself First

We can only give what we possess, and loving oneself before others is a pathway to fulfillment and happiness. When you prioritize yourself, you automatically multiply that, which you are able to give others, whether it is spiritual, emotional or material. And here’s why that’s important…

1.    It Creates Happiness

Surely you want to give the best to your loved ones, and they want the same for you. Spending so much time loving others and not yourself could lead to resentment, especially when you are not getting the same energy back. Carving out time to care for yourself improves self-worth, which translates into happiness and a feeling of fulfillment.

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2.    You Will Gain More Respect

People will treat you how you treat yourself, so if you place yourself last, they will do the same thing. If you say yes at all times, they will take you for granted, so be kind but not a pushover. By putting a greater focus on yourself, confidence also improves and you then go on to become more respected.

3.    Improved Relationships

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Striving to please everyone around you can get exhausting and this strains all aspects of life, especially your relationships. Remember to focus more on yourself and ensure you are in great shape before taking care of others. Once your energy is revived, you have more to offer to those around you, and you will see your relationships with them get better.

4.    It Helps your Health

Disregarding your own needs for others can leave you stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed which can take a toll on your health. Stress is in fact, one of the biggest dangers for your health, due to its innate ability to buffer your body’s immune function and growth. You NEED your body to be relaxed and strong enough for all your activities and if you don’t find the time to rest, your body will do it for you and leave you sick.

How to Put Yourself First

There is a fine line between prioritizing yourself in a productive way and being overly selfish. To get others to love and respect you, you need to occupy the number 1 position in your own life… In the right way. Here’s how to do that.

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1.    Set Boundaries

Boundaries are necessary, and if you fail to do this, you start living for others. This doesn’t mean completely discarding other people’s feelings, but rather, learning to find the right balance. Learn to say no, and let go of the fear that people would stop loving you because it is not true.

2.    Decide on Your Self-Care

Doing what you love is the greatest form of self-care and it’s time to start making this a priority. The more you do this, the more your self-care routine improves and the  happier you become.

3.    Be Around Those That Inspire You

Being around people that inspire you will help you develop those traits you admire in them. This elevates your energy instead of depleting it because you are challenged to become a better person.

4.    Nutrition

A major part of caring for your body is paying attention to what goes inside it. Nutrition is the fuel of the body and it should be used to optimize functions, health and wellbeing Focus on whole food sources that are nutrient dense and avoid any highly processed foods and packed products.

Final Thoughts

Helping yourself first is not selfish, it is the responsible and right thing to do. Not only will it improve your wellbeing, but it will also make you a better person for those around you. Love those around you but remember that you come first, because you are that fountain for the love you give to others!