When Should You Go To Therapy?

Accepting The Help You May Need We’ve all had some tough times through the years – it is simply natural for things to go up and down from time to time, following the natural cycle of life. Sometimes it can be hard to admit to yourself and others that you’re worried or have a problem, especially if you’re shy or introverted.

People often experience difficulty when they have to open up for the first time and share their inner worries. However, it is ultimately better to do so as this is the only way to seek help from anyone. In fact, going to therapy for professional assistance is quite common nowadays, and that is indeed a good thing!

Some reassuring numbers we can share with you to prove that therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, for instance, is that one in every eight adults has gone to therapy in the last year. So you see, it’s something most people do and more people should do.

But how to figure out if therapy is something you need or would benefit from?

Let’s answer this and more questions!

Question Yourself!

Whether you have a minor or a major issue with how you perceive, feel and act, one thing is for sure – You have unlimited access to your self-awareness and consciousness. Before you decide to get help from another person that has those, make sure to use your own to the best extent possible!

One of the best methods to do so is to… Ask yourself questions! Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself and answer, to find out whether or not professional help is needed in your case.

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Am I Happy?

This seems like a pretty basic question but may prove challenging for some people, especially if they aren’t introspective. Happiness is the ultimate goal for most of us, and as such, it’s hard for us to accept that we aren’t always experiencing it. This is why some people choose to go to therapy – to understand their momentary negative emotions and become more accepting of them.

A different perspective is that some people are too busy and sometimes neglect their own feelings because they lack time to reflect on them.This often leads to feelings of pressure or agitation, which need to be battled with the help of a psychologist.

Am I Avoiding Something?

A frequently used defense mechanism is to try your best to ignore your problems. People tend to avoid what they’re uncomfortable with, with the hopes that it will fix itself or disappear completely, but this happens rarely. In fact there is the opposite correlation – the more we brush some things off as not important, the bigger their adverse effects turn out to be.

This is why you should regularly ask yourself if you are actively or subconsciously avoiding something. If there is, you should search for a therapist that can help you understand why and how to deal with it more healthily.

Am I Confused About Something?

Confusion is a regular part of life – regardless of age, gender, nationality or culture. There isn’t a single person who knows and has always known all of the answers to the mystery of life. We live in a time when it’s easy to feel overwhelmed because of the speed at which some things happen, and how much people expect of us.

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Oftentimes, this leaves us confused and worried. Indeed, life is full of contradictions and complications, so questions are entirely natural, and finding your personal answers may prove to be a daunting task. This is why many people start therapy – thoughts like ‘where should I study?’, ‘why do I feel this way?’ and  ‘what should I focus on?’ are often why individuals decide they need assistance.

The good thing here is that most psychologists are always happy to help, as they LOVE solving the puzzle of the human brain!

Do I Have The Skills & Knowledge To Improve?

Progress, in general, is what most of us strive for. However, it is not always as simple as it sounds, as we are often met with different trials and tribulations along the way. This can leave us wondering what our next step should be. With this in mind, we can say that many people try to find assistance regarding their self-improvement. And that, my dear friends, is done in …

You guessed it – A Therapy office!

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you have a specific goal and direction or just know you want to improve your life and yourself in general, you will likely find some answers and inspiration through the help of a psychologist. Statistics show that therapy is incredibly beneficial for most people.

Clients report that their lives have positively changed in many aspects and that they often wish they would have started earlier. Reports show that thanks to therapy and medication, people move in the right direction to better their lives and leave their past behind.

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Psychologists have a positive influence on many aspects, including but not limited to suicide rate, drug abuse, trauma, and more, and that is only true because their clients took that first step to go to their office.

And Remember

Therapy works for people with different backgrounds and problems, and it works even if one does not have specific such! You’ll often hear many people say that their psychologist’s office is the safest place in the world for them. A place free of judgment, where they can share anything and work through their issues with the best individual means for the person.

All of these statements point to the fact that therapy is beneficial and that you shouldn’t worry about anything regarding the process itself because you will be in the trusty hands of a professional.