What does your wardrobe say about you?

Have you ever wondered whether the way you dress and the colors you choose define you as a person? It is pretty common for us to not pay attention to the clothes or colors we choose for the day, but there actually is a pattern that shows we don’t pick out just anything randomly.

The specific color of clothing can tell us more about us than we suspect. It is thought that color patterns are engraved in our brain at an early childhood stage. It depends on the exposure and gut feeling towards a particular color, as well as specific experiences.

Emotions are like colors, and subconsciously we tend to like or dislike some of them.

Bright colors

If a person dresses in bright colors, such as yellow, orange, and red, he is most commonly going to be perceived as a trendsetter and change-maker. This means that the person is friendly, and people can approach them, without feeling any pressure or fear. The only contradictory color of these is the color yellow because it could cause slight frustration in some people.

Black, grey and blue

These classic colors show a person who is well-groomed and can take care of themselves.

Sometimes he, or she, may be a bit too serious and demanding, but this only shows the well-organized and sophisticated side of that person.

Let’s talk about style.

Not only the colors but the specific style that one has can tell us more about the person and their personality. Let’s take, for example, men who wear V-necks and crewnecks. V-necks are worn by people who are laid back, chilled and easy going. Crewnecks, on the other hand, are the clothing that more uptight and balanced people choose for the day. These kinds of people tend to take more time making decisions and have an intelligent approach to everything.

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Sports clothing can give away something about you, too. For men, It usually says that the guy is easygoing, doesn’t care too much about how he looks and doesn’t mind making quick decisions.

For women, the sporty look tells us that the gal is confident and always ready for action – whether it’s to the supermarket, or for an errand. It’s the opposite of the vibes that men give away in a tracksuit.

The clean and simple look is reserved for people who don’t want to be judged by their covers. The casual white T-shirt and jeans look are reserved for people that have nothing to prove to others.

These types of dressers don’t like being recognized or standing out in a crowd and are keener on the intellectual side of things. The “I want to make a statement” look speaks for Itself. You know that a person wants to be spotted when he is in a classic, clean-cut suit with an outstanding tie. For women, it’s the elegant dress, high heels, and bright colors that bring out that extra confidence that gets everyone’s heads turning around.

The trendsetter look is the most interesting of all. It not only combines all the other looks and personality traits but also sets the rules for the new ones. This type of person is not only ready to experiment but has the boldness to be a leader and great decision-maker. Typical clothing for the trendsetter is weird looks that have not yet been approved by social standards, like colorful socks and hats and strange combinations with them.

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For both sexes, this type of dresser says only one thing – I am here and ready to show you the way.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your wardrobe, consider what it says about you. For example, if your closet is full of earthy tones like browns and greens then people may perceive you as more grounded or stable than someone who has mostly bright colors like pinks or yellows.

You should also know that red can be perceived as rude or angry depending on the shade (a deep crimson will come off differently than a light pink) – so keep this in mind when choosing accessories and color schemes for your next best look!