The Best Places To Study Psychology

Where Can You Find The Best Teachers, Practices, And Prospects Progressing and developing further in any chosen field should always be a priority. Certainly, though, efficiently learning new things can be difficult if the environment and people that are supposed to provide you with this new information do not suit your needs.

Finding the best university and professors can be a daunting task. However, there are some places which most people agree provide exactly what their students need and thus have a good standing name in the field.

So what are the best places to study psychology according to people’s experience, and what makes those places unique?

Let’s find out.

Oh, and by the way… If you think universities are not worth it, think again!

Because universities are just places where you can meet people with experience and establish/join communities of like-minded individuals. Shift your paradigm and get ready to LEARN!

The University of Cambridge

At the University of Cambridge, you can specialize in four different types of psychology – social, cognitive, biological, and developmental. You can further your studies in multiple fields of neurology (neuroimaging and neuroanatomy for example) as well as relations, psychopathology, statistics, and more.

What’s really important about the psychology degrees here is that you can alternate between laboratory work and regular schooling. This variety of options is what puts The University Of Cambridge in the top 3 on our list!

Stanford University

Psychology was one of the first departments established at The Stanford University and as such, holds great importance among faculty and staff.


Positive and mutually beneficial interactions between the different sciences and psychology are encouraged in this place, seeing as the professors know how interconnected some fields are (for instance, the links between psychology and biology, medicine, or business). The special bonus in Stanford is that you can do research regarding many different topics such as addiction, stereotypes, and more as a student.

If you want to get in touch with the ins and outs of psychology, this is definitely a place to go!

Princeton University

Princeton is one of the universities with the most publicly awarded psychology graduates. Six Distinguished Contributions awards from the American Psychological Association, three William James Fellow awards from the Association of Psychological Science, and one Nobel prize have been given to former Princeton students in recent years.

Generally speaking, this university focuses mainly on neuropsychology because of the collaborative work with their own Neuroscience Institute. Mainly because of that, the Princeton University is your best bet if you are oriented towards studying the relationship between psychology and neuroscience.

Harvard University

Psychology is one of the most popular studies at Harvard. For undergraduates, it is separated into three parts – general psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience, as well as evolutionary psychology.

For graduates, these tracks become more specialized and focused, with the option to study in different fields. Tutorials, research, and projects are vital parts of each of the specialized tracks of study as well as the opportunity to conduct research the department itself.

Plus, the name “Harvard” in and of itself is a symbol for high intelligence, and that’s for a reason!

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National University of Singapore

This university offers the oldest psychology program in the republic. It is divided into two degrees, a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of sciences. This allows you to cover the fundamentals of cognitive, developmental, biological, and abnormal psychology.

To top this off, the university has its own study called health psychology. Further specialization is offered in the form of a master’s degree, which splits into six different tracks, each requiring both coursework and research. If you’re ready to fasten your seatbelt and get familiar with all the nitty-gritty of psychology and its effects on the human being, do consider this Uni!

King’s College

This is the oldest psychology training program in the UK. Its benefits include mainly research-based teaching and voluntary work in conjunction with South London and Maudsley hospital. Also, their department of psychology is part of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience.

Students who specialize in psychology here spend four years on campus and one additional year either abroad or in a professional placement arranged by the university.

When Choosing, Remember…

The study of psychology relies on communication and understanding but is made much easier by hands-on work and research. With this in mind, it is vital for the best universities to offer outstanding professors and on-site projects possibilities. What’s also incredibly important is the connection psychology has with other sciences, making collaborations and partnerships between students and faculty an incredibly beneficial ideology.

The universities listed here offer all of those things and more and dictate how best to study psychology in their respective countries and the world as a whole. Last but not least, we must not forget that psychology in general is at the fundament of human existence, so whether or not you decide to sign up for a full-on psychology study in a university, do your best to understand how the human psychology operates.

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Be it through books, courses or just studying human behavior around you.

Live. Learn. Love!