To suffice, we’d term self-control or self-possession as self-discipline. It’s a term used to describe a person’s ability to control themselves, the power to restrain rash responses and behavior, as well as to keep unhealthy attitudes and impulses in place.

As other people may say, this quality of character is not a negative or restrictive trait. Self-control becomes one of the most powerful methods for self-improvement and task achievement when it is available and used carefully and in common sense.

Self-control is essential for managing obsessions, fears, addictions, and impulsive behavior of some sort. It allows you to take command of your life, your actions, and your reactions. It strengthens your bonds with others, cultivates patience and tolerance, and is an important tool for achieving prosperity and happiness.


So what makes self-possession such a powerful trait if developed to its maximum potential?

  • You develop a strong sense of self-discipline and willpower to tackle the hard tasks and life obstacles.
  • You can easily address your fears and weaknesses
  • You develop patience with life and people
  • You’ll never be lazy; thus you achieve more
  • You improve your social life as well as your personal life




Recognize the emotions and values that cause you to act out of control. What attitudes and emotions trigger automatic instincts and reactions? Is it someone around you?

Reduce impulsivity and rash responses by identifying these feelings and opinions, attempting to clarify them, and determining if they are rational and attractive.

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Visualize yourself exercising self-control and discipline in your actions. Imagine yourself behaving professionally, with self-mastery and restraint in one of the situations where you normally act out of control.

Keep this picture in mind, but ensure you don’t obsess.

3.      PRACTICE

By this, I mean being self-disciplined. If you focus on improving and growing your willpower and self-discipline by appropriate workouts, it will increase significantly over time as small efforts build to become significant leaps. This is the most crucial step in the development of this delicate attribute.


Repeat one of the affirmations below for a minute or two several times a day, particularly when you need to demonstrate self-control: I am fully in command of myself, I can control my feelings and thinking, Self-control gives me inner power and propels me forward, My emotions are under my influence, My actions are under my control, I’m learning to regulate my feelings, I am the mastermind behind my life’s maser, My capacity to regulate my emotions and thoughts is improving day by day, and Self-control is pleasurable and enjoyable.

5.      IDENTIFY

With this last step, figure out where in your life you need to improve your self-control. Or else, where do you find yourself missing the mark?

What areas of your life do you find yourself deficient in this ability? Is it Overeating and junk food consumption? Shopping addiction, Excessive abuse of drugs, Gambling, binge-watching, and so on.

This way, you can set accurate goals on the tasks you’re aiming to achieve, and this way you can achieve more accurate results.

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I’ll throw it straight to you; nothing worthwhile is going to come easily and so is your ability to control yourself. It takes time, so be patient and consistent.