Questions You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Be A Psychologist

The First Steps On The Road To Your Dream Job Psychology is one of the fields of study and respectively work with the most widespread uses and applications. As such, the job opportunities regarding it are countless – anything from a forensic expert to a social media creator can benefit from the knowledge and/or a degree in psychology.

If we talk about more conventional types of work in this field, most people presume that psychologists deal only with mentallly ill patients and do so in their offices or in recovery facilities. This is far from true, though, and the sooner you have a clearer vision of the employment possibilities, the easier it will be to make your choice.

Here are some of the vital questions you should ask yourself if you want to work in psychology.

What Field Of Psychology Are You Most Interested In?

Psychology has many facets.

As such, it’s important to know what you find most interesting and what you think you’d be best at when looking for specific job options. Some of the most popular types of work are clinical (dealing with patients) and social (work in different groups and organizations that are connected to people) psychology or research (studying and producing content in the various fields of psychology).

There are a lot of different fields that are still connected to psychology, too (law, HR, and media). Because psychology deals with a huge portion of the world, it has many uses and applications in modern society which is great but can be a bit overwhelming. You should make sure your focus is generally speaking regarding one subject and that it’s something you really find interesting.

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From there, it’s much easier to take the next steps.

Do You Want To Do Research Or Work With Clients?

Biological Psychology

When talking specifically about the most conventional type of psychology, it’s largely separated into two kinds. Research deals with collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data gathered either by you or by someone else. Most people would agree that this is the more cut-and-dry type of work between the two.

The other is dedicated to helping people first-hand. Whether you deal with people who are healthy or those who have some issues is completely up to you, but close work with individuals and groups is the main focus in the second option.

Do You Want To Work In A State Job Or Individually?

Psychodynamic Psychology

There are many different opportunities for people who want to work for their country. Counselors, forensics and criminal psychologists, public relations psychologists, and many more are state jobs that either require or benefit from a psychology degree.

If, however, you would prefer to have an organization on your own, that’s completely possible as a psychologist. Many experts have  their own firms and growing companies. Apart from being a clinical or educational psychologist, you can also have your own company in marketing, media, or social services.

Do You Want To Work With Kids?

Working with kids is an entirely different aspect of psychology. You can be all sorts of an educational figure for both separate kids or groups as a psychology expert. A lot of people consider working with children to be very difficult, seeing as this is one of the most responsible positions in society, because of the lasting effects it can have on the future.

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However, some people have a talent in this area and find the work extremely enjoyable and gratifying. If you’re from the second type, then you should consider working with kids. Teachers, social workers, or art and sports educational psychologists are all possible options if you want to benefit from your knowledge in psychology.

There is also the option to help children with issues as well as their parents, which oftentimes has a huge effect on their future lives.


Psychology as a field has numerous applications in society, and as such, it is full of different job opportunities. Depending on what you choose your future profession to be, you will need to do some research on what sort of degree and documents you need and how to best go about acquiring them in the country of your choice.

After that, you can start working with the proper tools, and you’ll already be on your way to having exactly the job you want. If you make the right choice for you, psychology can be one of the most fulfilling fields of work. So start doing your research, and best of luck!