You must first consider how you invest your time before you can figure out how to make the most of it. This is the most efficient way to boost your productivity. For instance, making a time journal could be a perfect place to start. Spending a week or two writing down what you’ve accomplished during each 15-minute interval of your workday could be a game-changer.

Once you’ve written everything down, you will look back to everything and see if you completed anything you wished to achieve at those times and over that day. Enough of the small talk. Here are the 3 best time management techniques you should implement in your routine as of today.



Internal prime time is when you are the most active and efficient during the day. For the most part, this occurs in the morning. However, for some people, it is in the evening, especially creative people. To achieve all of your dreams, you must practice self-awareness to define your own prime time.

It’s critical to understand your internal peak time so you can plan the most important tasks accordingly and maximize their productivity. For the most important tasks, ensure you are at your best; rested, alert, and imaginative. You should also be mindful of external peak hours when your clients tend to reach out. That said, plan your day in consideration of both external and internal prime time.


By being an early bird, every aspect of your life would be highly structured if you spent more time analyzing, thinking, and planning. Many successful individuals get up at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m. and this gives them ample time to think and prepare for the better part of the day. That’s why they tend to be more productive than those that sleep at the very last minute.

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Also, a few minutes of calm meditation after waking up could spare you countless hours lost through distraction and confusion. Aim to wake up early and you will be more composed, clear-headed, and imaginative through your days, not to mention how much more you can accomplish.


Today, people spend up to 30% of their working time searching for missing objects. Is this something you’re familiar with? There are few things more aggravating than wasting precious hours searching for missing materials.

This is just an example. Also, ensure you are free from distraction once you start working. No emails, no music, no small talk, and so on. Another perfect way to be organized and responsible for being on target is to set SMART targets.


Perhaps, a highly efficient mindset is the most valuable thing you could have, but time management skills are undeniably crucial when it comes to success. You get more work done efficiently and fast at work and you can get to work on your side hustle and still hang out with your loved ones.

However, I have noted that time management skills are linked with other stuff such as diet, health, and the status of your personal life. So eat healthy, exercise, try to balance your life, and strive step by step towards improving your time management skills with the tips above.