Legs & Abs Exercises You Aren’t Doing That You Should Do

If you are like most people, you probably think you are doing all the exercises that you should be. However, there are probably a few exercises that you are neglecting that can provide some major benefits. In this blog post, we will outline four exercises that you may not be doing, but should definitely add to your routine. Keep reading to learn more!

#1 Front Squats

Many people do back squats, where the barbell is placed on the top of the traps, but not that many people do front squats. Front squats are one of the most effective lower-body exercises because they place a slightly different emphasis as opposed to back squats. This is because the barbell is placed on your shoulders, rather than on your back. Additionally, front squats can help you keep your spine safe and bring up your glutes if they are lacking.

#2 Romanian Deadlifts

​​Romanian deadlifts are one of the best exercises for the hamstrings and glutes. This type of deadlift is a compound exercise that involves both the lower and upper body, making it an extremely effective way to train the entire body. But really, as we just said, where this exercise shines, is its ability to target the glutes and hamstrings! Usually, deadlifts are done on the days when you train back, but with this variation, you can include it on your lower body training days!

#3 Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are one of the most effective exercises for the abs. This is because they work the entire abdominal area, including the lower abs, which are often difficult to target. To do a leg raise, you can in fact start with a knee raise! Hang on a pull-up bar and lift your knees up to your chest, contracting the abs.

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Once you get used to this movement and controlling the swinging of your body, move on to a leg raise, where you flex your ankle, keep the legs straight at the knee and bring them up. Here’s a cue: Try touching the ceiling with your toes!

#4 Stomach Vacuums

Speaking of effective ab movements, we can’t skip the stomach vacuums! The stomach vacuum exercise is a bodybuilding move that originates from the golden era of the sport. It was first made popular by bodybuilder and fitness icon Frank Zane, and has been used by top-level athletes and bodybuilders for decades. The exercise is simple but extremely effective, and can help you achieve a tight, toned midsection. And doing it is quite simple:

  1. Put your hands on your knees
  2. Exhale fully, while flexing your abs
  3. Keep the abs flexed
  4. Tuck your abdominal wall under your ribcage
  5. Hold briefly!


If you’re looking to change up your leg and abdominal routine, give some of these exercises a try.You may find that you enjoy them  more than the standard exercises you usually do, and they could help you achieve better results. And if you don’t like any of these suggestions, there are plenty of other exercises out there that can help strengthen your legs and abs. Stay tuned on our website!