How to challenge yourself?

Imagine this – you are at a certain age where you face tough decisions, have to let go of some past things that have cradled you until now and you’re not sure what to do.

Having to face difficult decisions, having to grow as a person and withstand what life has installed for you – well, better learn how to challenge yourself, before It gets late.

This doesn’t mean that there is a right or wrong time to start challenging yourself, but the sooner you begin, the better.

What exactly does that mean?

To challenge yourself is to jump out of the barriers you have created for yourself, to escape your comfort zone, and to grow as a person.

Many people don’t realize how much this could benefit the improvement in their lifestyle.

To challenge oneself to grow as a person is something all of us should be keen on doing as much as possible.

There is no bad timing or wrong place to start.

For a person to take the extra step and force him/herself to do things that he, or she, wouldn’t be caught dead doing before, is the thing that keeps the drive in us.

The thing that gets us from this stage in our life to the other.

Okay, But How Do I Do That?

There really is no concrete game plan when it comes to jumping your own boundaries. It is, as it should be, a very intimate course of action.

A person should first know his/her weaknesses, as well as good sides, in order to start challenging themselves.

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Nevertheless, there are some universal methods that are, more or less, suitable for everyone to try.

Even though our personal growth is substantially our job and responsibility, it’s nice to hear out some professional opinions.

Let’s start at the beginning

The first, and most important, thing to start with is focusing on a goal.

This could be any goal, don’t think big or small, just one that gets us started.

The reason why we need this is, that focusing on something that gets the blood pumping is crucial for the first kick in the bum.

Things like starting a new book and sticking to it, or visiting a new museum every Saturday, could help with the process.

Do you know how much you sleep?

A key asset to the “new you” is changing your daily routines, starting with one of the biggies – sleep.

I bet you don’t follow how many hours a week you sleep and it’s a changing number, I know.

Well, how about you set an alarm for a certain hour for every night of the week and get up at a certain time every morning.

If you don’t think this will change anything you are mistaken.

Sticking to a regular sleep schedule not only benefits your health but will also teach you discipline and build your character.

Technology who?

Believe me, you will be just fine If you let go of your technological device for just a day. That’s all that It takes – one day.

By doing so you help your brain and body to develop a new and steady connection to the world around you without the help, or distractions, of your phone, laptop, TV, etc.

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After all, technology is fairly unnatural for humans – We were not designed to sit in front of a screen all day.

The body was made to run, crawl, climb, jump, sprint, swim, and dive – All of these activities, with the absence of an internet connection, will allow you to develop a true mind-body-world connection, that is much more precious and beneficial than any piece of tech.

Growing as a person

As time goes by you will push yourself easier and easier and will start to crave more of It. This is a perfect time to start learning new languages, new cultures.

Maybe take a class, or two.

Or maybe, you can even invest in something you care about and believe in. Just remember that challenging yourself doesn’t stop with the boundaries the world creates, it stops with the boundaries you create.

Take-Home Message

We live in a world of comfort that is more and more oriented towards making everything as easy and automated as possible.This is the precise reason why you should consider setting yourself challenges.

Challenge yourself mentally.

Challenge yourself physically.

Challenge yourself spiritually.

Challenge brings about positive change.