Full Body Massage

A full body massage is one of the most commonly applied techniques for therapy.  Many of those who have tried it have claimed that it does balance and relax the entire body, leaving the person feel both physically and mentally soothed.


Well, a full body massage is a system of stroking, pressing and kneading the different areas of the body to relieve pain, stimulate and tone, as well as relax the body.  All of these can actually be attained as full body massage works deeply into the tired muscles, allowing the body to release toxins that were trapped within the systems.

Perhaps what’s more worth noting about full body massage is that it does much more than create a pleasant sensation on the skin.


Numerous reports have noted that although the massage soothes the skin and affect the muscles just under the skin; its benefits may even reach the deeper layers of the muscles.  Chances are, the organs of the body themselves will also be affected, significantly.


More to that, a full body massage stimulates blood circulation.  Experts have further revealed that this therapeutic practice may aid the lymphatic system of the body, which actually runs parallel to the circulatory system.

A full body massage, as the name implies, includes massage of all parts of the body, from head to toe.  However, of all the parts involved in the massage, it is basically the back that needs the largest amount of time to be pampered.  Well, this is partly because the back represents such a large part of the body, and it is the very common place for people to accumulate tension.

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Aside from the back, another area of focus in a full body massage is the neck and shoulders.  These parts are the common areas of soreness and tension, so most therapists focus more on these parts than the other areas of the body.  Also, to have the pain and tension eased away from the neck and shoulders can be a source of great pleasure.


The chest also needs attention but rarely these days is it included in massage. Some therapists will massage the decollate and upper chest area over the clavicle etc.  Usually, when massaging the chest, the massage therapists change their position from time to time to make the receiver comfortable with the massage.

After the chest, the abdomen becomes the focus of a gentle touch.  Again, it is often sadly excluded from many massages and yet requires focus and attention. It is however important to have a very good knowledgeable therapist for any abdominal massage.


As you may know, the abdomen is the softest and least protected area of the body.  Given this fact, it’s no doubt that the abdomen is also the area of great vulnerability for many people.  So, when massaging this part for a full body massage, therapists need to work very gently and rhythmically, only increasing the pressure once the receiver feels relaxed and secured.


There are also the lower parts of the body, including the legs and feet that need to be pampered with a full body massage.  Massaging these areas will ease the pain and tension present and revitalise in the long run these weight-bearing parts of the body.   The people who usually find a legs and feet massage useful are those whose jobs entail a lot of standing, like the sales ladies out there in the malls, or people on their feet a lot like nurses and mums, but also active sports people like footballers and dancers.

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Going back to the upper part of the body, a full body massage involves massaging the head and face of the receiver.  Many find the amount of tension they hold here a bit surprising, particularly around the jaw, but many have said that it’s a pleasurable experience.  But unlike the other parts of the body, these areas are often ignored in a full body massage.


Finally, a full body massage involves work on the arms and hands, which are constantly used throughout the day.  When these parts are touched, tension faded, leaving the person relaxed and with an improved sense of well-being.

I personally have always found the full body massage essential in maintaining a good state of well-being – I suggest you try it at least once to see these amazing benefits.