When do we say “no” to alcohol?

Alcohol has always been one of the major social supplements in the cultural heritage of many nations.

Starting from the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Vikings, the Gaelik tribes, the Germanic tribes, the Thracians, the Conquistadors, the Discoverers of the New World and all the trading with alcohol that goes on even to this day.

Most of the celebrations of major events include an additional glass or two. Going to the pub with your friends, opening a bottle of wine in a restaurant on a date with your beloved, having a glass of aged liquor with your family on occasions.

But eventually there comes a time when you don’t realize you’ve had enough and crave it on a daily basis. This is the time we have to talk about saying “no”.

Why do we drink?

It is generally considered that alcohol helps us have a good time. The reason for that is the amount of dopamine that the body produces that makes us feel more alive.

The incentive – sensitization theory suggests that not only drinking frequently can produce dopamine, but the association with it does the trick, too. This means just being in a bar, seeing someone open a bottle of wine, etc.

The truth is that overtime the amount of dopamine obtained from drinking fades away, but the amount from the cues stays the same. You drink more to get the same amount of dopamine and ergo – addiction.

Saying “no” is the right thing

It is true that alcohol reduces negative emotions, but It also reduces positive emotions, as well. Objectively speaking – you numb your brain dead.

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Contemplating your life’s decisions can get you thinking – Why on earth am I doing this in the first place?

There is always the social side of the coin, which is peer and beer pressure. Both are different names for practically the same thing, which is mostly directed with adolescent drinkers.

The social pressure of being in a queue and not knowing better most of the time leads to starting to drink to be pursued as “one of the gang”.

Time goes by and you start to wonder why you are even doing It. It doesn’t even bring you joy, just a rush of dopamine to get you through the night.

This is exactly the time to cut down on alcohol, and I mean cut down hard. Nothing good will come of it and your body will thank you for this decision.

The benefits

After cutting down on the amount of alcohol you consume you will see the results as quick as the dawn breaks.

Mood swings, that you didn’t even know you had, will vanish and the feeling of a more productive attitude will rise. This productivity will definitely help you control your craving by giving you the will and energy to exercise more.

Losing weight is another great benefit to getting rid of alcohol from your life. Beer, wine and spirits contain a lot of calories that your body cannot process, which leads to gaining water weight and you can’t get rid of that just by running a few laps.

Dehydration, liver problems, bladder problems are other factors that become an issue when drinking alcohol frequently. After cutting down you will feel better and think better.

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Of Course, there is no denial that in small amounts some alcohol can be beneficial. Like a glass of wine every night with dinner, or high spirits when having a fever or feeling cold. Just don’t let it become a habit.

Fact is that you probably won’t become an alcoholic, just remember to listen to your loved ones and never be afraid to seek professional help.