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Aromatherapy Is a Unique Form of Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy is a unique form of massage therapy because of the oils that are used during a session. The therapist may use one from more than 90 oils to provide psychological and physical benefits to the body.

Most of the oils used for aromatherapy come from natural ingredients. Examples of these include herbs, powders, hydrosols, sea salts, sugars, clays and mud. In professional therapeutic circles It may be frowned upon when some use synthetic ingredients.

It is widely practiced in the US and in Europe and integrated into holistic treatments. Aside from oils, aromatherapy can be using candles, diffusers and bath salts which allow you to enjoy it in the comforts of your home.

Aromatherapy is used to treat various health conditions. These include allergies, bruises, burns, diarrhoea, bronchitis, colds, earache, energy depletion, flu, headaches, insomnia, menopause, nervousness, scars, sprains, stress, shingles and wounds, to name a few.

For home treatment, you can buy these oils off the shelf and then use them whenever you feel like it. These are easy to spot as they are all packaged in small bottles with the name of the oil and the ingredients that are used. If you are not familiar with the oil, you can open it and smell it to see if it is worth buying. They deal with a whole host of issues.

For a troublesome head cold for example, once you have these amazing oils, you only have to add 2 to 3 drops like eucalyptus, tea tree or rosemary in hot water. You then hold your head over the bowl and then inhale the aroma. Watch your head cold clear in a very short time. For other problems, you can apply oils to baths and compresses.

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Aromatherapy per se is not designed to treat any major illness. It is said to only relieve minor problems so before you try aromatherapy, it is best to first consult with a doctor.

However, many people with chronic ills by the efficacy.

If you decide to go for a massage, talk with the practitioner about your medical history and current physical condition. Knowing how you feel is the only way for him or her to determine what oil should be used for the session.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo aromatherapy without consulting a fully qualified aromatherapist who can advise, as the scents from the oils or the oils themselves, could be harmful to the mother and / or infant. Caution is advised.

For those who want to know more about aromatherapy, they can read it in the amazing books or in blogs on the Internet. There are also classes that cater for people of all levels, so anyone can join, so they can learn how to mix the oils together.

The benefits of aromatherapy as mentioned earlier are psychological and physical because the scent simulates the brain to trigger a reaction and at the same time supply therapeutic relief. A good example is eucalyptus oil which is known to ease congestion.

When the oil is applied to the skin, it is absorbed by the bloodstream and aids in certain other health, beauty and hygiene conditions. It is also uplifting and creates a feeling of energised positivity.

If you want to learn more about aromatherapy, you can also take up classes. Here you will learn how to mix the oils together and create your own concoctions. Most programs will cost a little, plus the materials to be used during the sessions.

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Aromatherapy is a unique form of massage therapy because you don’t need physical contact all the time to get relief. You can inhale it or bathe in it. It is truly, a holistic form of healthcare that is worth checking out.

However, as we are focused this month on massage, one has to say that there is nothing quite as healing as the touch of a professional aromatherapist. So, if you are feeling low, do go and get an aromatherapy massage to enhance mind body and spirit.