Start From Yourself

In today’s high-performing, dynamic society, more and more people tend to have higher goals about their personal and career development. This leads people to look for ways in which they can realize those visions and thus, the search for those in the external world becomes a constant. However, one of the most important things to realize, is that this all actually starts from… You.

The Brain

As humans, we are lucky enough to have what appears to be the most complex brain in the known universe. This is an organ, that through the senses, helps you assemble a logical picture of the world. In essence, the brain works on a couple of brainwave frequencies, that change throughout the day and are responsible for certain states of mind.

Those brainwave frequencies are namely – Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta

Beta is your normal wake state, where you’re completely aware of the environment. These frequencies are further divided into low, medium and high beta frequencies, that scale depending on the amount of stress. Think of low and medium beta as the slight stress you get during various social situations and then, think of high beta frequencies as full-on stress (i.e a dog attacks you on the street).

Alpha on the other hand is a more relaxed state, where a part of your attention goes towards your inner world. This is a state where you can develop ideas, thoughts, visions and connect seemingly unrelated things. Think of alpha as your creative, day-dreaming state of mind.

Theta is an even deeper state of relaxation, where most of your attention goes to your inner world. Think of this as a deep meditative state, that is on the verge between a conscious and an unconscious state.

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Finally, delta is a state of deep sleep, where you are not really conscious. These brainwave frequencies are basically your deepest state of recovery, when your brain integrates sensory information and recovers the body. The cycle of these 4 states is synchronized with the day-night cycle of the Earth – As you drift off to sleep, your brain waves slow down to alpha, theta and finally delta when you’re deep asleep.

Oppositely, once sunlight hits your eyes, that is a signal for the brain that it’s time to wake up and thus, the frequencies go up the ladder through theta, alpha and then beta.

Why Is This Important?

If you’ve ever tried to change something about yourself, you probably know that it is a hard task to do so. And the truth is, well, it is hard because you don’t have the right method and timing to do it. You have to understand that you need to be in a certain state of mind to induce changes to otherwise deeply programmed emotions, reactions and behaviors.

Hint: That state of mind is reached at alpha & theta frequencies

Observe The Bad

Luckily enough, we are humans that have conscious control over our bodies, meaning that changes in behavior and emotions can be induced. In order for this to be done, there needs to be a level of self-recognition, where you become aware of any bad parts in your character and environment.

Think of it this way – If something is putting you down physically, emotionally or spiritually, get rid of it! Because if you don’t, those things will affect your life in most of its aspects. You have to essentially catch yourself in the moment when that bad trait/habit/reaction/thought/emotion is emerging and just acknowledge it.


Later on, you can reflect upon those acknowledgements and affirm to yourself that you are making a change to this.


In understanding your brain, its patterns and modes of work, you can easily induce massive changes that will impact your ability to realize any goal or vision in your mind. This will ultimately create a boost for your own personal development and will allow you to have a seamless, enjoyable path in life.

All you have to do is remember that it all starts from your brain.

It all starts from you!