Moving out of your parent’s basement – It’s time

You know how sometimes in life there is a moment when you realize that things are going so great. Like the train is on the wrong track, the decisions you make, or don’t make, don’t seem to make you happy.

Well, If you’re in your late twenties and still living with your parents, that’s the reason.

I’m not saying It’s wrong to do so, I’m saying that It’s not healthy for you to be still drinking beer off their fridge and creating a human sized concavity in their sofa.

If you have some of the things listed below then you’ve outstayed your welcome and should start packing asap.

Still unemployed and working on it?

Life is always shifty – one day you have a great job and you feel on top of the world , the other you’re counting your pennies and feel as small as the ant that’s been living in your kitchen.

Things happen and it’s not your fault. Except for the scenario where you live with your parents and casually can’t find a suitable job in the last couple of years.

We all procrastinate. It happens, but not facing the fact that It’s time to grow up is a serious issue. It’s hard and It’s scary and It needs to be done.

You should do it for yourself, It would just feel so rewarding when you make your own money and have a place all for yourself.

Struggling with self confidence?

The home is a safe space, a sacred place where you are the one calling the shots, judge, jury and executioner. You don’t know what I’m talking about? The reason may be, because you still rely on your mother to cut the crust on the sandwiches.

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Still living with your parents can surely create a gap in your confidence towards your actions, words, decisions and thoughts. It’s a living hell for making life choices.

A good idea would be to make the biggest decision for now – find a new place!

It’s not your fault?

Excuses are a pretty typical human reaction when It comes to doing something you don’t want to do, or don’t have the attitude to do. That’s no reason to blame someone else for your laziness.

I admit, parents can be overprotective sometimes. They would smother and baby you just so you don’t fly the nest. Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t let excuses guide your life.

It may seem that the cousiness of the bed you grew up in is irreplaceable, but believe me It is a huge trap. Let yourself experience life by jumping out of that comfort zone and into the unknown.

No one is responsible for your life’s actions except you, don’t forget that.

What If I don’t make it?

Living on your own is scary at first. You sit in the quiet room, knowing that you are nowhere near your home, It is possible that you would cry a little bit. It’s normal.

There is no reason to be afraid of taking the first step towards your independence. You need it, you are not living your life properly without being independent.

The tough times teach us to appreciate the good ones and make us stronger. You can’t get that from the couch.

If you fall even slightly in one of the categories you have to do something about it. Do it for yourself. Do it, because It’s scary. Do it to prove to yourself that you are more than a twenty something year old that is still asking his father for gas money.

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Life is not scary, you not living it is!