Day twenty one

You made it!  We did it – together!  Day 21 is here.  You’ve stuck with it – there were probably some good days, and perhaps maybe some not so good days.  Some days you jumped up when that alarm went off, and other days perhaps felt a bit of struggle.  But you stuck it out.  You succeeded.

I have 1 final message that I want to leave you with.  And this one hits a little harder, so I’ve saved it for the final day.  I want to leave you with this message, because what you do tomorrow is now up to you.  Are you going to stick with it?  Here’s the message for today …

It’s easier to wake up early and work out … than it is to look in the mirror each day and not like what you see.

Agree?  Think about this for a moment.

It’s 10 minutes.  But it’s so much more.  Set that alarm – set your intentions for success.  When the alarm goes off – Get up!  Take control of your life!  Of your health – your energy – your vitality – your mood – your everything!  It all starts with just getting up and moving your body, for 10 minutes.

Will you continue on this path?  Have these past 21 days been helpful for you?  Comment below – and let us know what you got out of this challenge – and what your plan is moving forward.

Also – if you’ve enjoyed this challenge and you’re looking for more support and more workouts – reach out!  I’d love to share with you about all my online fitness programs.  Let’s keep the motivation going.  Let’s keep the movement going.  Let’s keep the fun and awesome going.  Reach out and let’s chat about my online fitness programs to help take your health to the next level.

No matter what you choose to do from here – I want to acknowledge you for being here.  For many, this is not an easy challenge.  Taking control of your alarm clock for 21 days is hard!  But you did it!  Take a moment – breathe – and let that simmer.  You.  Did.  It.

Thank you for being here!