How Often Do You Call Your Parents

According to an Internet survey about the number of times they call their parents I started to think about it as well. The survey had a comment section, to which most of the people felt an obligation to share their experiences. Most were pretty basic –  I haven’t called my parents since I went to college, or moved to a different city, our paths drifted apart, and so on. The thing that caught my attention was how many people actually fall into different states of depression after not hearing their parents, or children, voices for a longer period of time.

No, Mum, I’m Not Doing D-rugs

I am absolutely sure all of you that grew up in suburban families have heard your mum’s bickering about drugs and alcohol. At least once, admit it. Most of the time this comes as a stress ball being tossed in your face. Take a breather and don’t get mad at your mum, she is only thinking about your well-being. Most of the time when we advise someone on something that we do not agree with will be met with disrespectful behavior almost every time. Mums, don’t force your opinion on your kids, that could make them get more distant.

The Pressure Of Convo

The experience that we get during most of the conversations we have with our parents is met with a certain amount of pressure towards us. I’m not pointing any fingers, but parents can be a bit demanding sometimes. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your studies, the lack of a stable job, or not wanting to get involved with a person right now. It can cause stress, I know, but they’re doing it, because they care, don’t shun them from your life. Be understanding and they could eventually stop. Maybe.

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There’s No Rulebook For This, Kids

Just imagine it – you’re out of the nest and you are thrilled and scared. Your parents are even more thrilled and scared than you are and don’t know how to cope with that. Checking up on them once in a while is a must if you want to lead a healthier personal life. Be more consistent in calling first, so they have an idea of your well-being.

You’re doing it for them, and doing it for yourself. As time passes you find out that living on your own isn’t that scary and can be lots of fun. For your parents it’s hell and they want you back, and at the same time want you to go your own way. It’s messed up, I know. Don’t get frustrated with them, there really is no rule book on how to deal with living without a person you’ve been taking care of for the last 20 years.

Parents tend to even fall into depressive moods after not being able to cope with their child not being there all the time. Such states may even lead to people not wanting to talk to other people outside of their homes.

Keep It In The Family

At the end of the day, you really don’t have a closer person in your life than your parents. Let that sink in for a while. Everything you do in your life is a reflection of their guidance. Be grateful, or don’t be, just don’t cut them out of your life, they are still your parents. It doesn’t have to be a chore, It needs to be light and from the heart. Make them smile, tell them about your day, or don’t, just let them hear your voice. It means the world to them to know that you care enough to let them hear you are doing okay.